Historic Ranches

Hardeman County is unique in that it has family businesses that have been in existence for over 100 years.  While we have many that qualify the The Texas Department of Agriculture recognized a few farms and/or ranches as “Century Ranches”.  The requirements for these are that the land in the farm or ranch must be continuously operated by the same family and its descendents for 100 years or more.  This is proven via the deed of records and by other means such as probate records etc.

Lazy U Ranch

The Lazy U Ranch is one of these “Century Ranches”.  Established in 1894, it has continued in the cattle business and remains so today.  Although some procedures have changed, the ranches goals have always been producing the highest quality food products possible at the lowest cost.   Today it is operated by Sheridan Fuqua the grand daughter of  J. J. Summers, the founder who came across this area during cattle drives into Kansas.  On the return trips he noticed that water was always available so he could rest his horses.  This land he used later became his ranch, called the Lazy U.  Today water still remains as many conservation projects have increased its availability to both wildlife and cattle.  For more information contact James J. Fuqua (940) 674-2494 phone or e-mail:  lazyu@worldnet.att.net or see their web page at www.ulazy2.com


Walkup Family Ranch

James Wesley Walkup and wife came to Texas from Tennessee in a covered wagon. They traveled west and stopped at what is now called Goodlett, in 1892. He lived there for two years with his wife and 5 children. In 1894 he purchased 740 acres south of Lazare and moved his family there. They lived in a dugout and covered wagon until the house was built just 200 feet away. Remains of the old farmhouse, windmill, and barn still stand today, serving as a reminder of days gone by.

For the last 108 years the farm has been in the Walkup family, it has past down through several generations. The land is being farmed and ranched today by great-grandsons, Weldon (Butch) Tabor and Tom Lockhart.


Bar A Ranch

Bar A Ranch, located twenty miles northeast of Quanah in Hardeman County, has been in operation for over 100 years. Presently the ranch is owned and operated by Eula Horton and her sons and daughter-in-law Kenneth Lee and Pam Horton and Johnny and Cheryl Horton, with Johnny serving as ranch manager and foreman.

Bar A Ranch had its beginnings in 1897 when J.H. “Hooley” and Mary Corbat Clement purchased land from the state of Texas and began raising cattle. The couple had six children – Thomas “Tinker,” Annie, Horton, Jesse, Walter and Eula Bea. The couple’s son Jesse married Annie Horton in 1908 and began using Bar A (for Annie) as their cattle brand.

Today the Bar A Ranch uses cattle, wheat, hay, grass and wildlife to support the Horton family.